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Chesterman Beach
Surfing, Beachcombing, Picnics, Sunsets, Beach Fires...
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Chesterman Beach is a 1.5 km sandy beach about 5 km from the village of Tofino, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada. The beach is a popular place in the summer for activities like beach-combing, picnicking, frisbee, walking, sightseeing, surfing, kayaking and surfing. In the winter months the beach is visited by storm watchers and surfers.

Chesterman Beach at low tide is a great place to be on a sunshine day as the receding tides expose new layers of wet sand, some rock outcroppings and many mini tidal pools. The exposed sandy shoreline attracts many to the beach for suntanning, sand castles and relaxation.

The southern half of Chesterman Beach enjoys calmer conditions on windy days. The rock cliffs and dwarfed trees protect the area from winds. The smaller waves make the ocean more accessible and enjoyable to play in for smaller children. Being that the south end of the beach is closer to the shoreline cliffs, the ocean waters are calmer for kayak beach launching.

Chesterman Beach is Canada's best and most popular beach.

Tofino Chesterman Beach, close to Cedar Shack and Surf Shack cabins     Walk on Tofino Chesterman Beach, steps from Cedar Shack and Surf Shack      Surfing at Chesterman Beach, then relax in a hot tub at Cedar Shack or Surf Shack.

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